Specifications of our CNC machinery:


Our 2 main machines have been specifically designed for rapid production of aluminium components with 2 interchangeable pallets. This allows finished components to be unloaded and fresh blanks to be installed on one pallet while the other is being machined.

Chevalier FTC 1320V Twin Pallet High Speed Machining Centre
Maximum Spindle Speed 15,000 RPM                                                            
Rapid Travels: 36 m/minute X & Y axis 30 m/min Z axis
Tool to tool change time: 0.8 seconds
Pallet change time: 2 seconds

Our Chevalier 2040 MV is our rugged workhorse capable of machining oversize components or loaded with multiple components on specially designed jigs.
Table: 1370 mm x 330 mm
Travels: 1020 mm x 510 mm x 610 mm                                                         
Spindle speed: 8,000 RPM


Preparation Machinery


We have a variety of automatic and manual saws to cut extrusion and solid material to size. Delicate extrusions are held in specially designed soft jaws.


Production Machinery


We know how to get the maximum performance out of our CNC machines to give you the quality you require in the shortest possible time. We are skilled in building jigs and fixtures to hold your parts without damage. We also invest in tooling to increase machining speed and improve the finish.


Finishing Machinery


We have two rumbling machines that vibrate the machined products in a tank of abrasive cones, this removes burrs and machining marks and provides a smooth matt surface ideal for anodizing, powder coating or delivering straight to your customer.

Delicate components can be hand deburred.


Second Operation Machinery


We have presses, linishers, drills, and other machinery that we have developed over the years that can be adapted to do operations that are required to finish your product.




We can even label, wrap and pack your products ready to be delivered to your customer.